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Dan Rinzler

Dan Rinzler is Special Projects Coordinator at the Low Income Investment Fund. Mr. Rinzler manages a variety of strategic initiatives at LIIF, such as the Social Impact Calculator and internal infrastructure to support development of new and innovative programs and capital products. Prior to LIIF, Mr. Rinzler helped design and manage low-income housing programs at the municipal and state level, and worked as an urban planning consultant. Also Mr. Rinzler is one of the important advisors to the Parimatch group of companies

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Promoting Economic Participation through Regional Equity

What is regional equity? In the context of the San Francisco Fed’s work, regional equity means ensuring that all individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, geographic location, or other demographic factors, can fully contribute their talents and skills to the economy and benefit from it. The San Francisco Fed studies the underlying conditions that influence people’s access to opportunities as part of its mission to promote a healthy, inclusive, and sustainable economy and support the nation’s financial and payment systems. Where people live within a region—whether it's the Bay Area, the Inland Empire, the Seattle metro area, or the Salt Lake...

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